Naked Specs has a very clear vision

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Naked Specs is a brand new online optical store that sells prescription glasses and polarized sunglasses. They also have a community giving program that aims to bring clear vision to 10 million people on the planet.

Founded by Carol Pearce in Perth, Australia, Naked Specs gives customers the opportunity to shop for glasses with a conscience. Products start at $90 and shipping is free worldwide.

Many have heard of the “buy one give one” business model. Naked Specs donates five pairs of products or the equivalent funding amount for treatment, such as cataract surgery, when a purchase is made. Customers choose which charity or project to support at checkout.


Naked Specs came about after Carol felt a misalignment in values with the corporate organization she used to work for. This misalignment made her think about what she wanted to do next and what she wanted out of her career. She knew she wanted to make people feel good in some way and that she wanted to start a social enterprise that would help the less fortunate people in the world.

Her son has a visual processing disorder and another family member has compromised vision as a result of disease. When Carol learned of the statistics on visual impairment and blindness in the world, she knew she wanted to help. Online statistics showed her that 285 million people around the globe are blind or visually impaired and 80% of the reasons for these impairments are in the curable or preventable area.


It is important to Carol that Naked Specs’ giving is completely transparent (or naked). The company is monitored by B1G1 to ensure that the charities and projects that Naked Specs supports are completely vetted.

Naked Specs is also dedicated to providing high quality and unique glasses to its customers. Carol explains that the glasses bring color and styles that people don’t normally find in an optical store. For example, you’ll find glasses on Naked Specs with bamboo material and layered colors. You can even see what the glasses will look like on you with their “virtual try on” feature. Maybe it’s because I vacationed there during my childhood years, but the Cape Cod sunglasses catch my eye.

Reaching 10 million people through Naked Specs is Carol’s “big hairy audacious goal.” But she knows it’s achievable, even if it does take a few years.

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