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Walking through the hipster-strewn streets of Williamsburg in Brooklyn NYC last week, among the fluffy dogs and guys with high-top fade haircuts (Google image it, it’s the next UK-bound stupid-trend), I came across a young guy called Jessie Cortes, the founder of the small charity with a huge heart, Peace Quest – who handed me a blank postcard.

Telling me about Peace Quest, which sets out to “inspire, educate and empower life in hostile environments”, Jessie explained that the small charity locates deprived areas that need attention most, usually for children, and do something about it. One such project is all about the blank postcard sitting innocently in my hand.

When I get home, Jessie says all I need to do to help is fill in a heart-warming message on the back and create some cool art for the front, add postage and post it. Ideal for a lazy do-gooder like me. The address on mine is a small community for children based in the Philippines, somewhere I’ve not donated to crises to or helped with projects before, too.

Now I haven’t drawn anything for about ten years and I wonder how much my words can help, but I’m going to give it a stab: maybe stick a silly photo of my dog on there covered in sequins – that’s a daily practice for me anyway… and maybe that will cheer someone up, somewhere. Or even better, maybe I’ll illustrate one of my favourite quotes or sayings. I want to spread the kind of message of happiness or hope that has helped me when I’ve needed it most.

In a way, that’s what pplkind aims to do. Inspire people to do and believe in good, by reading about inspiring, good news. Good vibes and all that.

Obviously it’s hard to make someone smile when they are so far away and they apparently have so little to hope for, but projects like this are an excellent place to start – especially when raising awareness of a place that not many people have thought about connecting with before.

If you want to send a postcard too, the address on my postcard is: Beronald P Jacalan, Barangay 7 Sevilla Center, San Fernando City, La Union, Philippines, 2500, Along bhc Highschool Exit.

For more information about the project, visit

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