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Full disclosure: I belong to the Given Goods Co. affiliate program. I may get a commission if you decide to purchase something from Given Good Co. through a couple of the links in this post.

GGC-StickerGiven Goods Company is a marketplace for products that give back. All of the products you see on the website make a “tangible social impact” when purchased.

The company was launched in November of 2012 by founder Cammy Houser. As a consumer, Cammy had always wanted to buy products that had a story and were interesting. She wanted to work in a “do good” space but wasn’t interested in working in the nonprofit realm. Without any work experience in retail or e-commerce, Cammy put her passion for wanting to “give in good conscience” into good use and found vendors that were socially conscious. Cammy tells me she saw a business early on in offering products that gave back with each purchase.

When Given Goods Company launched last year, not everyone understood the concept of gifts that gave back, save for well-known companies like TOMS. This year is a whole different story, Cammy explained, as more and more people are shopping with a conscience.

Since its launch, Given Goods Company has worked with over 200 vendors. Each vendor goes through a careful process to ensure that they live up to the Given Goods Company brand name. The first requirement, of course, is that the vendor needs to be socially responsible and give back in some way. The second requirement is that the products must be of high quality and something that the Given Goods Company customer wants. You’ll find wearable / usable products that are beautiful and have a story.

Some of Given Goods Company's most popular products for women.

Some of Given Goods Company’s most popular products for women.

What I love about the Given Goods Company website is that the vendor’s story is included with the product descriptions. You learn the story and the impact you will make when you purchase the product. Some products might provide jobs, while others might plant trees or donate proceeds to a charitable organization. There’s also a impact map that shows you in real time the impact being made around the globe through purchases. You can even create an account and build your own Personal Impact Profile.

Since Given Goods Company is all about giving back, the company itself also gets into the game. They’ve partnered with nonprofits to raise money and to donate to food banks during Thanksgiving. Cammy says she wants Giving Goods Co. to be known for giving and making an impact. Period.

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