Kim’s butt didn’t #BreakTheInternet. That space shuttle did. Here’s 4 female empowerment reasons to break it again.
Kim’s butt didn’t #BreakTheInternet. That space shuttle did. Here’s 4 female empowerment reasons to break it again.
This month, as the scientific community celebrated a remarkable victory – landing a space shuttle on a comet – another rather less ambitious bunch were […]
Why everyone deserves a life-changing world trip – and how underprivileged kids can get in on the action too
Why everyone deserves a life-changing world trip – and how underprivileged kids can get in on the action too
“Oh, the Full Moon parties in Thailand are just out of this world, Portia.” Snort, you know the sort: ‘roughing it’ in Laos with a designer […]
Kofi Annan makes united call for climate action as “opportunity to set our world on the first steps toward a fairer and sustainable future.”
Kofi Annan makes united call for climate action as “opportunity to set our world on the first steps toward a fairer and sustainable future.”
Kofi Annan, Chair of The Elders and former UN Secretary-General, has made a united call for climate change in a Washington Post op-ed, where he calls for […]
Can anyone find the end of the sticky tape? Oh, scientists are using it to create a teeny tiny breakthrough technology
Can anyone find the end of the sticky tape? Oh, scientists are using it to create a teeny tiny breakthrough technology
So it’s that time of year when we’re spending our short dark evenings doing one thing and one thing only. Trying to find the non-existent […]
Would you check your new boyfriend’s background for violence? New progress on stopping domestic abuse around the world
Would you check your new boyfriend’s background for violence? New progress on stopping domestic abuse around the world
This afternoon as I sat writing for a charity called Mision Mexico, I heard some shouting outside my living room. A very aggressive, frightening shouting […]

How to beat the Black Friday zombies with kindness


So, uh, Happy Black Friday, fellow consumers. Because apparently we’re not humans, just digits on the balance sheet of the capitalist economy, walking blindly back to our graves of endless debt and imprisonment. Or that’s what the media generally likes to make us out as: stupid zombies, programmed to gorge our tiny savings deep into the black abyss of […]

Kim’s butt didn’t #BreakTheInternet. That space shuttle did. Here’s 4 female empowerment reasons to break it again.


This month, as the scientific community celebrated a remarkable victory – landing a space shuttle on a comet – another rather less ambitious bunch were attempting to break a different kind of record. Unless you’ve been residing under a rock over the recent weeks, you’ve probably heard about Paper Magazine’s attempt to ‘break the internet’ […]

German town fight Neo-Nazi march with kindness


Every year, the residents of Wunsiedel, a small town in Germany, have to endure the unwelcome reminder that the soggy, unappetizing dregs of fascism still remain among a perverse few. Year on year, a posse of Neo-Nazis from across Europe embark on a bizarre pilgrimage to the town, drawn to its streets purely for its […]

How water in a bottle is bringing light to millions in the dark


Alfredo Moser’s invention is lighting up the world. In 2002, the Brazilian mechanic had a light-bulb moment (I couldn’t help that one) and came up with an ingenious way of illuminating his house during the day without electricity – using nothing more than plastic bottles filled with water and a tiny bit of bleach. In […]

See inside this shoe factory in Ethiopia for a glimpse of a fairer world future


When your average business gets off the ground, its founders want to make money, fast. But Oliberté isn’t your average business. If Oliberté was a person it would have sustainability tattooed on its eyeballs and workers’ rights running through its veins. It’s the sort of business that blanks its bottom line in the street because it’s heading straight for […]

Brazilian kids learning English by Skyping retired, lonely Americans


Teenagers and old people aren’t the obvious pairing you’d expect to make waves in the positive progress of humankind. But it turns out they’re a dream combo. Young people in Brazil who want to learn English are Skyping with elderly Americans who just want to chat with someone. And they’re becoming best mates. The incredibly […]

Students 3D print a robotic arm for teenage girl


Power skipping. That’s one of my proudest moments from university. An invention my best friend and I came up with to take advantage of the downhill road between our houseshare and campus with violently fast skipping, so we could get to lectures about Alice in Wonderland curiously on time. So it goes to say I’m pretty much […]

What World Bank President Jim Kim learned from Bill Gates about innovating to end poverty


In a very interesting post on LinkedIn, Jim Kim, President of the World Bank shares the things he has learned from Microsoft founder Bill Gates, about innovating to end poverty and create a better world. So naturally, we digitally eavesdropped.   It’s no secret tech and business genius Bill Gates is also a giant philanthropy machine. As well […]

Students from 19 countries demand economics teaching shake-up for a better world

768px-Earth_&_Mir_(STS-71) (1)

Students from 19 countries demand a much-needed shake-up of economics lessons, to better support food security, climate change and a safer future. Writing in an open letter for AlertNet, the smart students point out the word is an ugly financial mess, and the economics lessons that are setting the students on a path to fixing the mess, are not actually […]

Homeless man ‘wins’ lottery, gives it away, gets a house: the good and bad of viral kindness


Seeing as you’re reading this post, you’re probably into reading about the kindness of strangers. So it’s likely you watched the video about the homeless guy, Eric, who was given a ‘winning’ lottery ticket by a stranger, only to be so honoured he offered some back to the stranger – along with buckets of tears across […]

Why everyone deserves a life-changing world trip – and how underprivileged kids can get in on the action too


“Oh, the Full Moon parties in Thailand are just out of this world, Portia.” Snort, you know the sort: ‘roughing it’ in Laos with a designer bikini and daddy’s credit card. But while we all like to look down on the ‘gap-yaah’ students – those young people who are fortunate enough to use their earned or […]

Philanthropic Ways to Celebrate Mom


This article originally appeared on the another jennifer blog  In honor of Mother’s Day this weekend, I thought I would share some of the philanthropic ways in which you might celebrate and honor the women who do it all 365 days per year. Most of these examples came through my inbox or newsfeed over the past week […]

Enrol in the greenest, coolest school on the planet this summer


Forget roads, energy and money. Without people, we got nothin’. It’s strange to think of it that way, but the most important kind of investment that any economy makes is in its own people — what economists romantically call “human capital”. As one of the best ways to do this is with education, then maybe we […]

Here are 2 easy ways to celebrate World Water Day


Portions of this article originally appeared on the another jennifer blog  Growing up in a house with a well meant that any time the electricity went out, we lost access to our water. The pump didn’t work, so our water was reduced to a trickle. I remember my parents filling up the bathtub when a storm threatened […]

Take that superman: This superwoman is changing 52 people’s lives


Here at pplkind we do our best to dig up stories that will make your insanely cosy duvet worth leaving each morning. The digital equivalent of seeing concerned Tom Hardy standing at the foot of your bed, for example. And this tale of human decency in particular should get your happiest neurotransmitters racing–without the presence […]

Inspiration for celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Week


This article originally appeared on the another jennifer blog  “When will we be at the next troll?” “The next troll?” I asked as I turned to figure out what Biz was talking about. He was drawing away in the backseat of the car. “The troll, Mom. When will we get there?” “Do you mean the tollbooth?” “YES! […]

Kofi Annan makes united call for climate action as “opportunity to set our world on the first steps toward a fairer and sustainable future.”


Kofi Annan, Chair of The Elders and former UN Secretary-General, has made a united call for climate change in a Washington Post op-ed, where he calls for leaders to drive renewable energies, set an internationally agreed price for carbon and a secure a universal, legally binding climate deal at COP21 next year. In his article, Kofi Annan […]

Shopping with a conscience for your dogs

Sulky face

This article originally appeared on the another jennifer blog  The Evolved Dog is an online store that sells canine supplies with a conscience. Launched in August of last year, Leah Twitchell created The Evolved Dog because she wanted to provide people with a place where they could experience stress-free shopping for their dogs. A place where they […]

These kids are getting their own back on the big lame internet trolls


Trolls are lame. [Spoiler: We’re not talking about the little butt-naked guys with big hair. Although they are a bit lame, if we’re being honest. You can’t even plait that.] Internet trolling isn’t big, nor is it clever. Or cool. Or worthwhile. Or fun. Or useful in any possible way. It is a destructive, cruel […]

Naked Specs has a very clear vision


This article originally appeared on the another jennifer blog  Naked Specs is a brand new online optical store that sells prescription glasses and polarized sunglasses. They also have a community giving program that aims to bring clear vision to 10 million people on the planet. Founded by Carol Pearce in Perth, Australia, Naked Specs gives customers the […]

25 events that show 2013 was the greatest year in history for human progress


As we celebrate the start of a new year (and our 1st birthday!) here at pplkind, it makes sense to look back at how much progress we humans have made this year. And while so many terrible events took place, it actually looks like 2013 was one of our greatest years in history for positive evolution. […]

Humans are so smart that we’ve just invented computers that act like our own brains


Apparently keen to squeeze in as many 2013 achievements as possible, scientists have just invented computers that act like brains. Scary, but amazing too, considering we pretty much only just invented computers. By looking at the way human brains work, scientists have designed computer chips that have the ability to learn from their own mistakes, […]

Bad luck Jay Z: Young people want celebrities and brands to do social good, NOT just make money


New research shows that young people are losing trust in people like Jay Z, because they’re ‘not sure what he stands for’ any more. Fair point, kids. Jay Z recently gave away a load of his music to Samsung mobile users, a move which turned out to be the second least popular celebrity deal of […]

Can anyone find the end of the sticky tape? Oh, scientists are using it to create a teeny tiny breakthrough technology


So it’s that time of year when we’re spending our short dark evenings doing one thing and one thing only. Trying to find the non-existent end of the sticky tape. That old Christmas chestnut. No matter how hard you squint or how delicate your Braille, you’ll never find it in time to wrap your mound […]

Giving is a given


This article originally appeared on the another jennifer blog  Full disclosure: I belong to the Given Goods Co. affiliate program. I may get a commission if you decide to purchase something from Given Good Co. through a couple of the links in this post. Given Goods Company is a marketplace for products that give back. All of the […]

Go! The race is on to become the kindest city in the world…


Could NYC shake off its too-busy-to-spare-change vibe? Will Miami ever be known for its super-synced community instead of just the city old people get most psyched about? A story in a local CBS newspaper about two people trying to make Pittsburgh the kindest city in America caught my eye this weekend – and not just […]

Your grandma would love this taxi driver as much as we do


Meet Saiful Malook. He is probably the coolest taxi driver in the world, because at weekends, he gives free rides to old people. Told you your grandma would love him as much as we do. Originally from Pakistan, Malook now lives in Canada, where he offers free taxi rides to pensioners who need to get places. […]

This woman is making fashion entrepreneurs from rubbish dumps


Every now and again you come across a story of human kindness that you can’t help but share. Whether if it’s on Twitter, Facebook, email or over coffee, you’ll definitely want to share this sweet story that we stumbled upon on It’s inspiring and it’ll restore your faith in people and the passion and […]

Child’s play charity: Kindness levels up


Imagination is the greatest weapon against the harsh and oft unforgiving realities of the world we live in, it sharpens the mind and changes our perspective, in our imaginations our ordinary selves become extraordinary. As an avid gamer I understand first-hand the escapism. In 2003, the Child’s Play charity was set up and organized Child’s […]

Would you check your new boyfriend’s background for violence? New progress on stopping domestic abuse around the world


This afternoon as I sat writing for a charity called Mision Mexico, I heard some shouting outside my living room. A very aggressive, frightening shouting from a man, to the woman he was with, who was pushing a pram. There are many reasons I didn’t run outside and get involved, the main one being I […]

This pioneering new molecule can stop AIDs replicating


Scientists in Spain have come up with a set of tiny synthetic molecules that can actually block the replication of the AIDS virus. Another bit of optimistic news on World Aids Day. In tests, the molecule stopped the output of the virus’ genetic material from the infected cell to the outside of it, which means that […]

Celebrating World AIDS Day through awareness and support


This article originally appeared on the another jennifer blog  On this 25th World AIDS Day (December 1), ONE has released the 2013 AIDS Report: The Beginning of the End? Tracking Global Commitments on AIDS, Volume 2. As you’ll see in the infographic below, we’ve come a long way since the first World AIDS Day in 1998. Sixteen […]

Save the date to get festive for #GivingTuesday on December 3rd


Is it just me or did the Christmas hype start way too early this year? I realize that Thanksgiving in the United States is a bit later than usual, but it seems we went straight from Halloween jack o’lanterns to Christmas trees. I’m not a fan of decorating or shopping for Christmas until after Thanksgiving. […]

Surprising acts of kindness in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines


One of the most powerful storms to ever reach landfall, super typhoon Haiyan, which hit the Philippines just over two weeks ago, has killed more than 5,200 people and left millions hurt and homeless. It’s the sort of natural disaster causing fatal destruction on such a huge scale that it is hard for us to […]

Can you help these kids hit 1 million acts of kindness?


Kids these days; they’ve always got to be more extreme than their elders. With each decade, they’re getting bigger, cleverer, cooler and better at the internet than you. So it should be a no-brainer that the current generation are killing it at kindness too.  Well hopefully the kids at Milford High School in Delaware in […]

Giving trees for a change


This article originally appeared on the another jennifer blog as part of the Philanthropy Friday series “Our mission at Trees for a Change is to provide thoughtful, meaningful gifts that live on to restore devastated forest land.” Trees for a Change is an organization that dedicates trees as gifts in U.S. National Forests that have been destroyed by […]

Want to do a good deed? There’s an app for that.


  Image credit: Gable Events As you’re reading this blog, I’m hoping that you’re the kind of person that’s interested in making the world a nicer place (if not then you must be lost, please vacate this website immediately). Ultimately, most people (I like to think) are at least vaguely interested in helping other people […]

This ‘jaw-dropping’ DNA breakthrough could cure cancer and HIV


This week scientists in America reached a breakthrough that could revolutionize medical science, and not only because it has been described by one of the Nobel scientists as “absolutely huge” and “jaw-dropping”. Keep your jaws on the floor, because the discovery means we awesome humans can now alter our own genomes. And by that, we […]

Honoring pets and giving back


This article originally appeared on the another jennifer blog as part of the Philanthropy Friday series I recently had to say goodbye to my beloved 13 year old Siberian Husky, Kona. It was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do. The days that followed included many tears. I was comforted by the love and support of friends, family […]

Sevenly: Leading a generation toward generosity


This article originally appeared on the another jennifer blog as part of the Philanthropy Friday series Full disclosure: I belong to the Sevenly affiliate program. I may get a commission if you decide to purchase something from Sevenly through a couple of the links in this post. I first heard of Sevenly in May of this year when they sponsored […]

Random acts of kindness with a side of fries, please

burger fries america kindness  by bob jagendorf

I love random acts of kindness. You know, those special moments where you witness, or, if you’re lucky, experience a completely altruistic instance of generosity, restoring your faith in the awesomeness of people. They make you feel good, they make someone else feel good, and they remind you that our species ain’t all bad. Back […]

Get Inspired at Simple Giving Lab


This article originally appeared on the another jennifer blog as part of the Philanthropy Friday series A past blog post from Seth Godin has stuck in my head. Since it’s short, I included it below. The lab or the factory (from Seth Godin’s blog – 6.22.13) You work at one, or the other. At the lab, the pressure is […]

Talking human rights for Blog Action Day

photo credit: Opportunity International

Blog Action Day brings together bloggers from different countries, interests and languages to write about one important global topic on the same day. Over 25,000 blogs have taken part in Blog Action Day since 2007. This year’s topic is Human Rights. The General Assembly of the United Nations adopted and proclaimed the Universal Declaration of […]

Making an impact with (RED)

photo credit:

This article originally appeared on the another jennifer blog as part of the Philanthropy Friday series Did you know that an HIV+ mother can give birth to a HIV free child? This is one of the facts I learned at a breakfast with Courtney and Chanelle of (RED) while in New York for the Social Good Summit. Founded in 2006 […]

Peter Singer: Half moustache, half humanitarian genius.


We’re always bringing new things to the table here at pplkind. Today I’m going to be reviewing a book and not just any book, a philosophy book. (Pause for effect). Before you slam your laptops aside in protest, don’t fear, I’m not going to start spouting existentialism or insisting that your table isn’t really there.  And […]

These kids are waiting for your postcard


Walking through the hipster-strewn streets of Williamsburg in Brooklyn NYC last week, among the fluffy dogs and guys with high-top fade haircuts (Google image it, it’s the next UK-bound stupid-trend), I came across a young guy called Jessie Cortes, the founder of the small charity with a huge heart, Peace Quest – who handed me […]

Swiss villages vote to give taxes raised by billionaire to developing countries

Taking from the rich to give to the needy.

Ivan Glasenberg is the CEO of mining company GlencoreXstrata, and according to Forbes, the 175th richest man in the world. You probably don’t need me to tell you that he hasn’t accumulated this vast wealth by rescuing kittens from wells. His company, which mines in some of the poorest countries in the world, has been […]

The ‘Hip Op-eration’ crew: Bridging the gap between youth and the elderly

scaled.0807_Sun_Hip_Operation-3 _t653

It is often said that when one faces a moment of almost certain death your perception of life is altered forever. Choreographer, Billie Jordan, a survivor of the  February 2011 earthquake that hit Christchurch New Zealand’s second-largest city and killed 185 people. Although she escaped relatively unscathed, the tragedy changed her view on life. Jordan […]

Giving back with food


 This article originally appeared on the another jennifer blog as part of the Philanthropy Friday series When Love With Food was launched in January 2012, it was important to founder Aihui (pronounced i-we) Ong for the company to have a “giving back component”. Aihui grew up in Singapore. She explained to me that she comes from a middle […]

Do the KIND thing


This article originally appeared on the another jennifer blog as part of the Philanthropy Friday series KIND Healthy Snacks are more than just yummy snacks made from all-natural whole nuts, fruits and whole grains. The company is committed to social entrepreneurship with impact and focused on making the world a little kinder, one act at a time. I recently […]

The Good Guys: Top 5 celebrities

Angelina Jolie

Sometimes, it’s easy to hold the belief that people just aren’t very nice. The media presents us with duplicitous politicians, fame hungry celebrities, and greedy, tax avoiding businesses. So in this series, I’m hoping to outline some of the good guys, those people who can remind us that human beings are capable of amazing things. […]

It’s better to give through UncommonGoods


This article originally appeared on the another jennifer blog as part of the Philanthropy Friday series UncommonGoods is an online retailer that endeavors to feature unique designs and handcrafted products to a broad audience. They are a B Corp that combines the treasures of a specialty boutique, the great finds of a craft show, and discoveries from a faraway bazaar. The unique […]

Amma: The chronicles of the hugging saint


Gurus emerged thousands of years ago in India as learned explainers of the Upanishads, philosophical teachings underpinning the Hindu religion. And today, the tradition is still strong in India. Amritanandamayi is an Indian Guru from Parayakadavu (now partially known as Amma), was born to a family of fishermen, she was the third child of Sugunanandan and […]

Will you pledge allegiance to the fun of uniting for a cause?


This article originally appeared on the another jennifer blog as part of the Philanthropy Friday series BlogCause is a new website with a mission “to create and support a community of bloggers who volunteer on a regular basis & share their volunteer stories.” Launched in July of this year, founder Emily Wavering started the initiative […]

How many miles could you travel on people’s kindness alone? Well this guy’s going global.


Everyone has an epic journey in them. My South American dream has been simmering away for decades, since I learned that there’s pink dolphins in the Amazon (Google it if you don’t believe me. That fact has come in surprisingly valuable in pub quizzes). But if you really had to, how far could you get […]

The teenage philanthropist making it ‘cool to care’.

luke lancaster

“What kind of world do you want?” So asks Luke Lancaster, teenage CEO of the charity Young Pioneers, and officially one of the most inspirational people you’ll hear about in a long time. Trust me. The origins of his charity, which aims to empower young people to enact positive changes in society by making it […]

This is the speech you wish you’d had at your graduation

1940s graduation by sderle

If you went to university – and you made it to graduation – chances are you had a graduation ceremony. If not, here’s the graduation 101: you get a musty, black cape that won’t go superhero no matter how you ride it, and a tight-ass hat that funnels your face into unfounded shapes that will […]

Bags of generosity from The Kindness Offensive


You may already have heard of The Kindness Offensive, an inspiring group of altruist’s intent on spreading joy, generosity and kindness across the UK. They generated a fair old media buzz last Christmas, when they led a drive to collect, wrap and deliver toys and presents to sick, orphaned and disadvantaged children. Their projects are […]

Premier Zille of Western Cape, South Africa, rolls out her next rock-star plan: helping the urban poor


The Premier of the Western Cape in South Africa, Helen Zille, has announced another rock-star project that aims to come up with solutions that will improve the quality of life for poor people living in urban communities, like the many slums in the region. I say rock-star, because this super woman’s work is never done […]

How Ikea could be bringing salvation for refugees


 Did you know that Ikea was founded by a 17-year-old son of a farmer from South Sweden? That’s right, it’s thanks to the adolescent Ingvar Kamprad that even the most DIY-averse among us can adorn our homes with reasonably priced and easily assembled household accouterments. Ah, Ikea, where would homeowners be without you? And now […]

Why being kind could help you live longer


Ever helped an old lady cross the road and found yourself pleasingly warm and fuzzy inside? Or perhaps you became curiously content when you reunited your neighbour with her lost poodle? Well it turns out that there’s a bona fide, physiological reason why doing nice things for other people make us feel so good. According […]

Germany breaks solar power output record


Germany has just broken its solar power output record, jumping from its previous 22GW capacity to 23.9GW over last weekend, July 6-7.  Solar power manufacturer, SMA Solar, recorded the electricity increase and claimed it was sufficient to power 2.3 million homes. RENEWABLE COMMITMENT Since 1991 Germany has had a sustainability policy, Energiewende, which began the nation’s transition from fossil fuels […]

The pursuit of happiness: Finding joy in modern times


Happiness is a strange phenomenon. It is the aggregate of all our struggles and the most basic facet of almost all goals. Happiness is a strange phenomenon because every individual measures it differently. In an article by Pascale Harter for the BBC:  Researchers at the World Happiness Database in Rotterdam (and yes that’s a real place), believe we […]

China invests a whole load of money into green transport — and cuts a whole load of CO2

china road city night  by David Leo Veksler

Since 2011, China’s transport industry has seen huge investments in cutting CO2 and energy. According to the Ministry of Finance, this investment is down to equally healthy subsidies for green transport from the Chinese government of $121.56 million. The Minister’s website statement said that these efforts have lead to equivalent giant energy savings of around 158,000 […]

The Venus Project: a feasible plan of action for social change


It is the dream of every parent who brings a child in to this world; to bring them into a ‘better’ world. The problems and suffering caused by war are the direct result of poor resource management. These problems will continue to escalate as the world’s resource are finite whereas the people are ever increasing. […]

You are what you eat. And you’re not horse ass.


Put the dirty burger down. Onto the table. That’s right. Because sustainable foods are finally become more popular. You got to keep up with the times, bro. So maybe we’re growing up at last? Well, last year at least. In 2012, according to the research institute LEI, the Dutch ate 25% more organic and other […]

Australia has a record-breaking year for clean energy

wind turbines

A record-breaking 13% of Australia’s electricity was generated by renewable energy in 2012, according to the Clean Energy Council. The 2012 Clean Energy Australia Report produced by the Clean Energy Council shows that energy efficiency and renewables are having an increasing influence on the country’s power supply. The report provides figures on generation, investment, jobs, power prices and clean energy […]

Meet the world’s kindest president, Jose Mujica

Uruguay's president-elect Jose Mujica celebrates winning the presidential run-off election in Montevideo

We’ve all got a soft spot for certain high-profile people. While for some it could be because they sing or kick footballs real good, for others because they’ve got a jawbone you could land a Boeing 747 on. But for us, we really go fuzzy for the ones that give pretty much everything they earn to charity. […]

Our next evolution (part 3) : Brave New World.


“As long as man has roamed this world, we’ve sought and invented new means to augment our minds and bodies. Evolution is painstakingly slow, but in our DNA is writ of imagination and the will to be smarter, better, faster, stronger. Man has learned to define its own evolution by building. And the most elemental […]

6 million kilos of good food from landfill later…


OzHarvest rescues quality excess food providing much needed assistance to those without. Since it began in 2004, OzHarvest have delivered over 17 million meals, diverting over 6 million kilos of good food from landfill. OzHarvest Annual Report. Image: OzHarvest The article Ronni Kahn – Winner of the CALI Award is reproduced with permission from Five Point Five The […]

Our next evolution (part 2) : the rise of the SMART Screen Society.


In my last post I talked about our renaissance with information (part 1,Voices from the ether); how everything was now within reach.. global news, big events. Life today is lived through the myriad of screens that surround us. From smartphones to tablets, we are now connected wherever we go, wherever we are. According to go-gulf: – Out […]

Our next evolution (part 1): voices from the ether


We are living in very interesting times, times fraught with uncertainties and upheavals. Some even question whether the human psyche designed to handle the amount of change the world now undergoes with the mere passing of a handful of years? I was born into a world you could view with contemporary eyes as ‘innocent': this was […]

Let’s join hands across the sand

holding hands

On May 18 at 12:00 PM in corresponding time zones, people around the world will join hands on beaches and in cities for the second annual Hands Across The Sand to oppose expanded offshore drilling and call for clean energy solutions for a sustainable planet. Hands Across The Sand is a movement made of people […]

23 low carbon winners chosen that have potential to transform our cities

san francisco golden gate bridge

Today leaders from 22 cities including London, Paris, Mexico City and Rio de Janeiro, met in San Francisco to announce the 23 winning solutions that will meet their cities’ most pressing low carbon challenges. Each year, 557,000 local governments spend US$4.5 trillion to deliver services that impact the majority of the world’s population who live in cities. LLGA | Cities Pilot […]

Maldives launches $3.38 million eco-tourism project

paradise island clouds palm trees beach honeymoon

While Maldives might seduce forth images of honeymoon couples in white billowy sheets eating tropical meals on tables lapped by waves, the country has actually got a whole lot more to be seduced by. The Maldives has just launched  a $3.38 million eco-tourism wetland conservation project, proving its impressive credentials as a small island with […]

South London bonds over popcorn and giant guinea pigs projected onto houses

free festival film guinea pig house

Wherever you live in the world, everyone’s got a local fancy area. In London, this means the bits where the big Victorian houses aren’t split into fifty tiny houses. All I knew about our local fancy area, Telegraph Hill in New Cross, South London, was that ill-mannered (fnar!) rapper Plan-B had recently bought one of […]

China phasing out triple whammy harmful gases


China has agreed to phase out the use of HCFCs by 2030, using $385 million coughed up by the Montreal Protocol’s Multilateral Fund. HCFCs are industrial gases that are used in useful but harmful things like refrigeration and air conditioning. And not just any kind of harmful. We’re talking triple whammy harmful, because these gases both warm […]

You can’t take the sky from me: why we need solar innovation


We live on a planet with finite resources; commodities such as oil and gas will not last forever. In realizing this, the world’s largest energy conglomerates have been setting themselves up for the game of the next century; a defining breakthrough in end-to-end renewable energy. The race is on for the big investment opportunity of the next decade […]

Dream-catchers: Scientists can read your dreams

clouds sky

Scientists in Kyoto, Japan have found a way to use something called ‘magnetic resonance imaging’ to decode night visions of the unconscious mind. In other words, you better not be dreaming about anything rude, because they can see it all. Almost. The scientists figured out a breakthrough way of using MRI scanners to understand what […]

This matters: We’re so close to finding the big, bad, bullying dark matter


Scientists in Europe and the US have announced that we’re even closer to tracking down that spooky “dark matter” we’ve all heard so much about. You know, the magical, mystery, mad stuff that happens to make up at least a quarter of the whole universe, but which of course has never been seen, and which […]

Smile or die: being happy is good for you

potato smiles faces

Before you switch on the Kardashian (future-speak for ‘TV’), hold on for just one second there pal. Research from America says that having a good old ‘sense of purpose’ is good for our health. So maybe it’s time to hop on the bad foot and do some good for once. As if your life depends […]

The human kind: Why I write for pplkind


“Imagine that you’re asleep, and you then you wake up, you’re not sure where you are, you’re not sure if anyone else is around. What would you probably do first? You would likely look around and say ‘hello’? ‘hello’? – You’re attempting to find out (AM I ALONE?)” – Richard Berendzen. Asking that question ‘Am I […]

Computers trump doctors with cutting-edge 3D heart program

rainbow hearts

Scientists have created a computer system that can assess heart disease better than, well, scientists. The new technology could massively change the way heart problems in patients are both detected and treated, and would save even more lives. The technology could play a key role in slowing down the growing cases of coronary heart disease, which remains the […]

Never Stop Playing: how the elderly are using video games to stay young

hilda knott

In my formative years I was a very active child; I ran, jumped and played in the great outdoors, taking advantage of the boundless energy my adolescence afforded me. However upon visiting a friend one day during half-term break, I discovered video games and became a convert. And on those cold dark winter months the […]

On a ride to redemption: prisoners cycle clean energy into the community


By Ayo Aguda Last summer, July 12, 2012, a story went online unnoticed about an interesting initiative currently under way in Brazilian prisons. A programme put in place to inspire convicted criminals to give back to society in a meaningful way. Courtesy of U.S.News ‘Stationary bikes get Brazilian Prisoners closer to Freedom’. Climate change confronts the world with a set […]

New chemical gets ninja on cancer

chemistry bottles with liquid inside

Researchers have made a breakthrough in cancer research, finding a new way to destroy cancer cells. The University of Missouri scientists have developed a type of radiation called boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT), which unlike conventional chemotherapy, has no side-effects. However you feel about animal testing, the original tests were carried out on mice. As no side […]

Shop owner hands out free ice cream to a shaken-up town

ice cream kid

A big-hearted ice cream shop owner in an American town called Dorchester, Massachusetts, decided to give free ice cream to his local community today, in a bid to stick it back together following a nasty attack on a young mother that happened earlier in the week. The kind shop owner, Joe Conway, told local newspaper Boston […]

Australian zoos go carbon neutral


Three Australian zoos have achieved carbon neutral status this week, putting the rest of the jungle to shame. Low Carbon Australia officially certified Victoria’s Melbourne Zoo, Werribee Open Range Zoo and Healesville Sanctuary with carbon neutral status against the National Carbon Offset Standard, which is hippo-sized, giraffe-heights of awesome. The zoos managed to deplete their […]

1000 days to go: so let’s rally with warm toes

children africa smiling

In 2000, eight glorious Millennium Development Goals were agreed on by world leaders at a UN summit, which set targets on poverty alleviation in eight crucial areas, to be achieved by 2015. This Friday, April 5, 2013, marks the 1000th day milestone leading up to the magical 2015. So how are we celebrating – a party with […]

Kindness in Kenya

tiba foundation

We talk about kindness around the world influencing positive new policies, transforming community action or encouraging people to be even more awesome. But the common principle behind many acts of kindness is a charity. People run marathons, hold tea parties, shave off their hair, sing, dance and get naked. Maybe even at the same time. They’re often […]

Breast cancer regenerative medicine breakthrough in Japan

cells science

Mighty brains Researchers in Japan have just had a major breakthrough in regenerative surgery for breast cancer patients. You heard right: patients now have the possibility of growing their breast tissue back after suffering from cancer. What the what? After a series of tests, the actual mighty-brained research team actually worked out how to allow […]

China steps closer to low carbon leadership with teacher-style certification

chinese recycle

According to reports, China is putting together the much-needed pieces for a unified certification system for low carbon goods. So what does that mean, and does it mean we’re saved from climate change? Well, we’re a couple of steps closer. And what it means is that an official agency will scratch its head, work out the carbon […]

International Women’s Day means: get out of your time vortex. And party.


Happy #IWD. If you haven’t heard of International Women’s Day yet, you’re probably reading this post from an inverted time warp sent to trip your future self up that you hadn’t heard of it yet. Because everyone apart from the ones lost in a time vortex has heard of it. It’s been around since, oh […]

OMFG: America’s classrooms just got way cooler

dork 1950s science classroom

Seeing as you’re here, on this site, you probably dig kindness. So one project that is sure to hit your spot then, is the newly launched One Million Kids for Kindness™ or, OMKFK (totally looks a lot like OMFG). This American initiative is all about inspiring over one million awesome students to see kindness as […]

China promises to cut emissions, amp up clean energy

Generators Spinning at Wind Farm

The Chinese Government has promised to slash carbon emissions and energy use, and step up plans for a carbon trading program in 2013, in the wake of record air pollution in Beijing. China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) submitted the report on 2013’s clean energy and emission reduction plans to the 12th National People’s Congress in Beijing, where Chinese Premier […]

Giving is good for your heart. Literally.

1950s valentine heart 50s

With all the positive stories on pplkind of late, you’d be forgiven for thinking doing good is good for you. Well, turns out, it is actually. New research has proven what we all secretly knew-slash-hoped: volunteers enjoy healthier hearts. According to University of British Columbia researchers, volunteering is good for your heart, even at a young […]

Homeless man returns a ring, thousands of people say thank you

billy ray homeless kindness

Last week we wrote about an engagement ring that was returned in New York City. Well just over the road (right?) in Kansas, another very kind person has returned another lost engagement ring. But this guy is getting hit straight up with the karma credit: his karma balance is currently sitting at a whopping $168,000. […]

Meet the smart device that can help people see again

cross stitch glasses

A half-creepy, half-freaking smart eye implant means people who have lost their vision may soon be able to see again. Impossible, you say? Well not with this smart device. While the implant, lovingly named Argus II, can’t restore vision, it can do something pretty impressive. It can very cleverly detect dark and light and send […]

Rethink on Parkinson’s Disease treatment makes huge breakthrough


A breakthrough study by the New England Journal of Medicine has found that implanting the treatment ‘deep brain stimulation’ (DBS) in the early days rather than the end (as is usually done), can massively reduce the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. Given at the beginning of the course of treatment, DBS can reduce tremors and the other […]

Estonia launches world’s first super awesome electric car network

electric vehicle charge point

Estonia has launched the world’s first nationwide electric vehicle charging network, in the hope that the 165 “fast chargers” will encourage the adoption of electric cars in the Baltic state, as well as worldwide. And actually, these hope are not at all unrealistic. Many big corporations and governments own electric vehicle fleets, many of which have […]

It’s official. Washing the dishes wins more points than roses


New research from the British Psychological Society has found, rather unsurprisingly, that in relationships we prefer small acts of kindness rather than showy displays of glitz and glamour. Little, kind actions like washing the dishes gets way more points than a bunch of flowers. Both are thoughtful gestures, but the first one has an added […]

Ghana could get a National Youth Parliament


Discussions about creating a National Youth Parliament (NYP) in Ghana will soon take place between leaders of youth networks, student groups and organisations, according to the official Ghana Government website.  Seth Oteng, Executive Director of the Youth Bridge Foundation, one of the organisers of the programme, says that Africa is the world’s youngest continent; meaning the […]

The Big Apple is a good apple, even when it comes to swag


A New Yorker who had lost her bling $4,800 engagement ring two months ago, had it returned by another kind New Yorker. What can I say, it’s just one of those cities. The lucky lady, Hager Elsayed, told the New York Post that she had looked everywhere for the three-carat diamond ring, but two months […]

The random acts of kindness that make you go YEAH.


 As water-cooler law goes, the most loving couples don’t need Valentine’s Day, because they’re so in love all the time they don’t need no corporate made-up day to prove it. Hell yeah. Well the same probably goes for Random Acts of Kindness Week. We don’t need that, because we’re so god-damn-fricking kind all of the rest of […]

Scientific breakthrough: We could soon be 3D printing human organs. Yup.


You know what 3D printing is, right? Crazy intelligent printers that scan, replicate and print fully usable objects. You know, like smartphone cases. And human organs. Well scientists in Scotland think it’s possible. Using breakthrough 3D printing, they’ve managed to produce human embryonic stem cells (hESCs, aka super cells which are able to become cells […]

David Beckham gives all of his salary to charity: and what?


To all of you who don’t live on the lonely island, Great Britain has issues with success. People hate people who do well. Generally. So it comes as little surprise that with news of David Beckham’s altruistic move to give all of his Paris-St Germain salary to charity, the Brits had him hung, drawn and […]

Infographic: the rise and rise of social giving


Here’s a nice looking infographic that explains how social media is transforming the way we give. It shows the ever-rising popularity of social fundraising, from profit-making tactics to crowd-funding culture and viral movements like #GivingTuesday. We like. And the infographic’s pretty too. Infographic by MDG Advertising Inspired? Search and give to causes now.   As you can […]

So what does the Super Bowl do for charities?


The Super Bowl is here again, with its usual record breaking ad hype and economy-boosting pizza and chicken wings orders. But what does Super Bowl do for charities? It’s hard to imagine that it would do much — but it’s also harder to imagine that people would miss such a huge opportunity to mobilize others […]

Happy birthday Jackie Robinson! The man who bat baseball’s colour barrier away


Today Twitter is awash with a very special person’s name: #JackieRobinson. That’s because America is celebrating the birthday of Jack Roosevelt “Jackie” Robinson, the legendary baseball player who broke down the sport’s colour barrier, when he became the first black Major League Baseball player of the modern era. As well as being an incredibly talented infielder for the […]

Turn that frown upside down: someone will pay your medical bills


Hey, you with the frown! You’ve heard of crowdfunding, right? Well that’s a good start. The concept of altruistic ‘giving’ may seem complicated to some, but it’s not just fancy new technologies and promising sounding supernatural book series that are getting funded. People are also starting to use crowdfunding websites to source cash to pay […]

Bending beats the blues


Scientists at Duke University Medical Center have concluded that taking part in the ancient Indian art of yoga from time to time, can actually lessen psychiatric disorders such as ADHD, insomnia, depression and schizophrenia. As is already widely recognized in the world, yoga helps modulate chemicals in our brain which control our stress levels such […]

America sees a surge in volunteers


Americans greatly increased their commitment to volunteering and civic activity in 2011, according to a faith-in-humankind boosting new report by Corporation for National and Community Service and the National Conference on Citizenship. The national volunteer rate reached a five-year high in 2011, with 64.3 million Americans (which adds up to more than one in four adults) volunteering via […]

China to forge ahead with green growth


China has announced that it will forge ahead with the development of a circular economy, that will transform it into a greener, low-carbon nation. During an executive meeting which was presided over by Premier Wen Jiabao, the State Council called for the establishment of a circular economy to promote China’s economic, ecological and social development in […]

New drug could beat depression


A drug called GLYX-13 which could be a major breakthrough in depression busting treatments, will soon be on its way to your local chemist. The chemical in GLYX-13 targets depression-relieving NMDA receptors in our brains. Scientists at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, tested the new drug by giving GLXY-13 or a placebo to 116  people who […]

H&M to launch big recycling project


H&M has joined up with I:Collect to launch an innovative new clothing collection initiative in February 2013, whereby customers can donate used garments. Smart move, right? Any clothing from all brands will be accepted across it’s 148 global stores, and  I:Co will redistribute or recycle the collected clothes. But what do the kind shoppers get out of […]

Space tourism possible by end of this decade


Two former-NASA officials have announced their plans to offer commercial space exhibitions by the end of this decade. Say what’s that now? Yep: manned lunar trips for normal earthlings like you and me will soon be run by Golden Spike Company, behind which is Gerry Griffin, a former Apollo flight director and Alan Stern, planetary […]

Scotland and UN join forces to give poor countries clean energy


A new partnership between the Scottish Government and the United Nations has been formed to help poor countries gain better access to clean energy. Sounds like our kind of friendship. The new collaboration is part of the UN’s Sustainable Energy for All initiative and will channel clean energy into disadvantaged communities for necessities such as power, lighting and […]

Ecuador to propose levy on oil barrels to cut emissions


Ecuador is planning to propose a levy on each barrel of oil which is sold by OPEC members in a bid to help pay for greenhouse gas slashing projects. Sounds promising. As announced at COP18 in Doha this week, the official proposal will be made at the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries in Vienna on […]

COP18 outcomes: World’s poorest to get proper climate adaptation finance


As the final few participants at Doha’s COP18 catch their flights home, we can applaud one outcome at least. Launched by Oxfam, ODE and WRI, funding and research for climate change adaptation for vulnerable people in especially at-risk communities has been established. Tracking how climate aid is distributed from rich countries to local communities is […]

Bangalore in India lending a digital hand


Research by IAMAI found that while 20% of city-living Indians are connected to the internet, only 3% of rural Indians are. Thankfully, Internet Society ISOC) Community Grants are helping to lend a digital hand. Hundreds of craftspeople in rural regions in India have benefited from workshops organized by the Bangalore branch of ISOC. With grant of […]

Japan accelerates remote-working tech after earthquake

china road city night  by David Leo Veksler

After last year’s devastating earthquake and tsunami, companies in Japan are rushing to implement the infrastructure that is needed to work remotely. “The earthquake accelerated our thinking,” Kunihiro Urano, Senior Executive Officer of JBCC Holding’s IGuazu division, told Bloomberg News. ”It’s not just for the earthquake, but business requires us to work in a distributed […]

UK’s Silicon Roundabout gets £50 million golden handshake

venus p1

Cisco and Microsoft are among the leading technology companies that are planning to open new offices in Shoreditch, East London, as David Cameron, U.K. Prime Minister announced the Government’s pledge of £50 million pounds to revamp the new Sillicon Valley, start-up magnet ‘Silicon Roundabout.’ Hopefully this will bring much needed jobs and creative talent to […]